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Playtesting Sessions

Fan Boy 3 Playtest

There were two rounds of play testing again this month, first a great session at Geek Retreat Bolton and secondly a fantastic all-day promotion at Fan Boy 3 Manchester, both in the shop and the gaming area.   Thanks to Dave and all the team for the warm welcome as well as all those who showed interest and of course our play testers. In both sessions the cops won, this has been a trend in recent testing and we have now made adjustments to re-balance going forward. Thanks for the valuable insight guys, that’s what testing is all about!


We’ve always said there will be two versions of the game. Here’s some details on a key difference – the player tokens and miniatures.

The base game will feature 4 characters with character tokens.   We are aware that not everyone likes or wants to pay for miniatures, so we will keep the price down as much as possible for you.   However, whilst we understand this position, we also wanted to do a little better for you than flat cardboard tokens, hence the reason for the great wooden tokens in the base game.  They are about 20mmx20mm and stand nice and proud from the board giving you an enhanced experience. See the difference between earlier versions below.

The Deluxe Version comes with two extra characters and 6 miniatures. Here’s a first look at some draft models and we’d like to know what you think! There are basically two ways to go, hyper realism or more of a cartoony style.  Have a look below.

On the left we have a highly realistic version of Frank Brannigan. As you can see, there are lots of great details and if you printed this at 20cm high it would be fantastic. However, the miniatures will be 35mm high and we are not sure how much of that great detail will come through in the finished model, so we have an alternative on the right. This type of miniature is more fun and easier to manufacture.

Obviously, these are not the finished models, but what do you think? Your feedback would be appreciated. Do you 3D model yourself? Get in touch, we would like to engage you guys as much as possible before pulling the trigger either way.

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