Spell Out!

Choose your words wisely – the game depends on it!

1 to 4 Players
1 to 4
10-20 minutes
All Ages

Wordplay challenges meet area-control strategy in this 1-4 player game.

Reveal a challenge card, then think of a 5-letter word that matches. For example, a word that:

  • Contains the letter blend ‘TR’, like TRIAL
  • Includes the word ‘EVE’, like FEVER
  • A word with ‘O’ in the middle, like ABOUT

Now, move your pieces to control access to the letters you need before your opponents can get to theirs!

Spell Out game in play
Spell Out Game Flow

Spell Out! features 2 levels of challenge – easier Beginner cards are green and come with examples, and Standard cards are blue and have no examples.

Score bonus points by using Tricky Letters on the board edge!

Score big with bonus letters

Use Bounce Spaces to misdirect your opponents and sneak past their blocks!

Claim Extra Turn tokens to stack your moves!

Extra Move token
Match Or Snatch

Finish strong or snatch victory from the jaws of defeat with the Match or Snatch Final Challenge!

Spell Out! includes a Solo Challenge mode, and with 44 different challenge cards and 4 different starting positions, you’ll never face the same challenge twice!