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Go Ahead Punk!

San Francisco… 
A City Under Siege

A maniac is on the loose… Codename – Stinger
Killing at random, he doesn’t want money.
He’s enjoying himself.

Standing in his way, three of SFPD’s finest. Their task, to close the net while there’s still time.
They must stop the killing or, as a last resort, prevent his escape.

Inspired by classic 70’s cop cinema and TV,
Go Ahead Punk is a One vs All Hidden Movement game of cat and mouse stealth, and all guns blazing action!

2 to 4 Players
1 to 4 Players
30 to 90 minutes
60-90 mins
Suitable for ages 12 plus
Ages 12+

Go Ahead Punk is a 1-vs-all game. The sniper (Codename: Stinger) must complete 3 hits and escape the city to his hideout on Alcatraz.

Using hunches, strategy and brute force the cops stand in the way. When they catch up to Stinger, combat ensues. Both sides will take arms in the firefight, but don’t let him slip through your fingers!

Meet the Characters

Phase 1 – Track him down

The sniper uses hidden movement and moves seamlessly between the city’s roads, streetcars and cable cars

Inventory Management – Players can only carry what will fit into their inventory area!
No player elimination – injured cops can heal at an ER

Combat using classic weapons including the iconic .44 Magnum

Fly off those hills in iconic muscle cars!

Phase 2 – The Escape!

If they can’t stop the shooter, the cops will pull back to cover the ports. Can Stinger win the game and slip through the net to his hideout on Alcatraz?

Comparing With Other Hidden Movement Games

Go Ahead Punk has many more layers than Scotland Yard, yet still retains a simplicity and shorter game length when compared to Fury of Dracula.

Media and Comments

Go Ahead Punk was Shortlisted for best American Style Boardgame at UKGE 2024

“Go Ahead Punk! has the tools to deliver top drawer gaming moments of laughter, screams of frustration and joy, and tension right to the final turn” (What Board Game)

“Really well designed… Really Fun… Easy to teach and learn…” (Die Rollin)

“It was an absolute blast” (Hairy Game Lords)

“Go Ahead Punk is a solidly designed classic hidden movement game” (Reviews from R’lyeh)

There are tactical choices to be made in Go Ahead Punk!. The sniper needs to collect cards that will give him the uniforms or keys to grant him access to the buildings from which he can make his hits; the cops will want to pick up cards to give them extra movement and both they and the sniper will hope to pick up weapons that let them roll more dice. The card collecting dynamic means this isn’t just a game of hit and run, even for the sniper. Hidden movement games can be dispiriting for some players when they are the hunters because they can be moving around the board with little clue of where their target might be. Go Ahead Punk! solves this by requiring the sniper to reveal… every forth turn… the district they are in… This simple device helps to keep players attentive and involved throughout. (Boardseyeview)

Gameplay video from Die Rollin’
Kickstarter preview by Die Rollin’
Review by Hairy Game Lords

*Note: the great feedback from the Gamelords resulted in the game difficulty rules to restrict game length.