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Go Ahead Punk!
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San Francisco… 
A City Under Siege

A Maniac is on the loose… Codename – Stinger
Killing at random, he doesn’t want money. He’s enjoying himself.

Standing in his way, three of SFPD’s finest. Their task, to close the net while there’s still time.
They must stop the killing or, as a last resort, prevent his escape.

Inspired by classic 70’s cop cinema and TV, Go Ahead Punk is a One vs All hidden movement game of cat and mouse stealth,
and all guns blazing action!

2 to 4 Players
1 to 4 Players
30 to 90 minutes
60-90 mins
Suitable for ages 12 plus
Ages 12+
  • Gameplay view as the cops
  • Gameplay view as Stinger
  • San Francisco Gameboard
  • One of the player boards

Go Ahead Punk is a 1-vs-all game. The sniper (Codename: Stinger) must complete 3 hits and escape the city to his hideout on Alcatraz.

Using hunches, strategy and brute force the cops stand in the way. When they catch up to Stinger, combat ensues. Both sides will take arms in the firefight, but don’t let him slip through your fingers!

Phase 1 – Track him down

The sniper uses hidden movement and moves seamlessly between the city’s roads, streetcars and cable cars

Player inventory management – You must leave what you can’t carry!
No player elimination – injured cops can heal at an ER

Pete Hutchens

Combat using classic weapons including the iconic .44 Magnum

Fly off those hills in iconic muscle cars!

Phase 2 – The Escape!

Make your escape from the ports!

If they can’t stop the shooter, the cops will pull back to cover the ports. Can Stinger slip through the net and escape to his hideout on Alcatraz?